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Per Nevrin




Brewers Hall Farm
Brewers Hall Oast
Tonbridge Road,

ME18 5JD

The new Bakery
Brown Sourdough
A 'REAL' baguette


When I started baking bread I was really taken by the challenge of sourdough. There were so many stages where you could either go wrong or produce amazing, fresh bread. From the sourdough starter, being taken care of properly, the quality of the flour, mixing of the dough, proofing, shaping and finally baking.†

I also noted the number of E-numbers in commercially made bread so I knew that naturally leavened bread was the key to 'real' bread. My starter is now over 10 years old now and fed daily with fed water and flour and used when risen and peaked.


Each of our sourdough breads starts their journey 24 hours the day before. We mix water, starter and flour in our spiral mixers - rest for 30 mins then add salt for the final mix. It then rests in low temperature overnight, then shaped and rests for then final proof for several hours in bread baskets (bannetons) before going in the oven, laid directly on stone and with lots of steam.

We use flours from FWP Matthews in the Cotswolds and all our whole wheat flour comes from Eckley Farm in Staplehurst who grow and mill on the farm. (They also produce the amazing Pure Kent rapeseed oil which we use in some of our products).