Rusbridge Family Bakery


Rob Rusbridge

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53 London Road,
Southborough, Kent



Welcome to Rusbridge Family Bakery.

After moving to Southborough in 1973, after learning their trade from Chrissie's mother and father, Mike and Chrissie built their bakery in the "back garden' and opened a shop on the main road. The business just grew and grew and now their two sons Robert and Richard have taken on the family bakery tradition.

Their whole concept of baking is to maintain the simple, traditional methods of production so no dough conditioners, improvers or accelerators are used in their breads and they make as much confectionery as they can "from scratch".

We are now a third-generation, family bakery based in Southborough, Kent where we bake a large selection of traditional and speciality breads including rye, spelt, herb, tomato and our own Rusty, as well as rolls, pasties, buns and cakes.

We also have a thriving wholesale business, a specialised cake making service and make personalised greeting cards
The Rusbridge's were one of the first stallholders to realise the potential of selling Farmers Markets.


Their success is due both to the quality of their ingredients and to the wide range of flavoured breads. As well as the usual tasty White and brown breads (the unusual being a White Huffkin !); the Rushbridge's bake 100% Wholemeal, Malty Granary, sun-dried Tomato, Italian herb, olive and garlic, spelt and rye breads. These are always freshly made for the Markets (in both roll and loaf form). Particular favourites are their "Southborough Seedy' or "G.I.' bread, which combines rye, oatflakes, sunflower, pumpkin and linseed, as well as their 'Rusty's Special' .her.